Autoresponders: Autoresponders (VIDEO)

Last Updated: Feb 23 2015 05:15 pm UTC

You can create auto responders for your e-mails. The e-mails will be automatically sent to your clients, coworkers, potential clients, etc, at the time you specify in this category.

  • Open ''Autoresponders'' and click on the button: ''Create New Autoresponder''.

  • You can choose distinct times, regularity or rules, which, when triggered, will send your messages. 

Select the sending interval: hour (s); day (s); week (s); month (s); year (s).

Choose the list or segment you want to create autoresponders for in ''List/Segment''.

In ''Title'', please select the name of the campaign. It will only be visible to you, in the list of autoresponders. 

When you click ''Create'', you will be sent to ''Campaign preferences''. To set up an autoresponder please read our support topic "Email Campaign Wizard Step 1: Preferences"

To create a content please see this video "Creating a regular email campaign (VIDEO)"

Note: Here you can view all the previously created autoresponders, as well as edit them according to your needs.

You can also see the status of each autoresponder you created: Title, Delivery DetailsLists/Segments, SentOpenedand Clicked.

  • You can view your autoresponder if you click ''Preview''.
  • If you click ''Copy'', you can copy the selected autoresponder and then edit it to fit other lists. You can change the content and the sending time, which can make copying reasonable, as it is easier than creating a new auto responder from scratch.
  • If you click ''Edit'', you can make changes in the autoresponder's email content.
Note: To edit a particular autoresponder, you have to pause it.