Drag and Drop template editor: Mailigen Drag and Drop Email Template Editor

Last Updated: Dec 30 2013 04:07 am EST

Unlike the previous WYSIWYG editor, the new Drag and Drop editor is fully based on a drag and drop method. The new Mailigen editor is able to identify content blocks within an email template, and specific properties are assigned to those content blocks: move, delete, copy and edit content blocks. All the actions affect only blocks and their inner content – therefore there is less risk of making a faulty change to the template.

Picture No 1. Mailigen Drag and Drop template editor

The new Mailigen template editor has an awesome feature that makes possible to insert pictures using the same drag and drop method; an easy to reach and use toolbar; default text formatting and many more options making template editing much easier and fun.
Table of contents:

1. Editor toolbar

2. Actions with content blocks

3. Image uploading and inserting

4. Template content formatting

5. Additional options

6. Terms and conditions