Create and import your first list: Creating a new email campaign list (VIDEO)

Last Updated: May 08 2014 11:39 am UTC
  This is a Quick Start topic on creating lists. Do you need more complete instructions for Creating and managing lists?

A Mailigen email marketing campaign is always associated with a list, or list segment. If you do not yet have a list, your first task is to create one, add or import contacts to it, then segment it, so that the campaign is sent only to the appropriate contacts.

List creation process

  1. Creating a new email campaign list
  2. Adding contacts to an email campaign list
  3. Segmenting an email campaign list

To create a new list:

  1. On the Mailigen toolbar, select Contacts > My Lists.

    My Lists

  2. In the Contact lists screen that appears, click Create New List in the top right corner.

    Create New List

  3. Fill out basic list details in the Create New List form that appears:

    Create New List screen

    • List name. This name will be visible to users when they subscribe and unsubscribe. Examples are "Spring Specials", or "Naturally Healthy".
    • Subscription permission reminder. This is a brief text that appears in the footer of your emails that reminds your subscribers how they got on your email list. By reminding your subscribers each time you email them, you can minimize complaints of abuse.

      Use the sample text provided, as is, or edit it so that is fits your needs.

    This Quick Start topic does not cover the other options in this screen. To learn more about the Copy permission reminder form other list, Email sender, Email notifications, Email format, and Add SMS type field to this list options, see Create and Import Your List.
  4. Click Save in the bottom left corner.
    The Contact lists screen reappears, this time displaying the new list.

    Create New List with list