Reports & Statistics: Reports & Statistics

Last Updated: Nov 05 2013 09:51 am EST

The key to modern marketing is getting precise statistics on what your clients do, and why they do what they do. Our Reports & Statistics system will let you monitor how many of your sent e-mails are received, opened, or bounced; how many clicks your e-mails generate, how many people subscribe and unsubscribe, et cetera.

You can view the statistics in ‘Reports & Statistics' where you can choose a campaign and view its statistics. You have two ways to go from here: you can either view statistic graphs resembling those of PowerPoint, or you can export the statistics to an Excel spreadsheet. You can export *.pdf reports by opening the campaign.

If you selected ‘view', you'll see some categories of statistics. In each of these, you'll be able to choose the email campaign statistics of the campaign you want to inspect.

1) In the ‘overview' panel the following information on campaigns is available:

  • Contact List;
  • Sending Time (how long it took to send the e-mails);
  • Sent To (address count);
  • Sent By (the sender address you selected);
  • Opened (how many times/unique open times);
  • Open Rate (in percent);
  • Bounced e-mails.

In the simple diagram on the right you can see the same information, (the count of opened, unopened, and bounced e-mails), albeit in a diagram.

2) You can view additional information about opened e-mails in ‘Open Statistics'. This includes information such as the IP addresses of openers, also when the e-mails were opened, etc. This helps you understand your clients' habits, and can help you to determine the hours and days when your e-mails are more likely to be opened.

3) You can see the following in the ‘Link Statistics' tab:

  • Total Click count;
  • Individual links that have been clicked;
  • Total Unique Click count;
  • Most Popular (you can view the most popular links here);
  • The Average Click (Per Email Open) count;
  • Click-through Rate in percent.

You can see which links were clicked and when in the chart below.

4) In ‘Bounce Statistics' you can see detailed statistics on how many e-mails weren't delivered or had bounced during the campaign:

  • Total Emails (The number of total sent e-mails);
  • Total Bounces (The number of bounced e-mails);
  • Total Blocked Bounces (The number of e-mails that were blocked in server filters as they were considered spam);
  • Total Soft Bounces (The number of bounced e-mails that will be sent again);
  • Total Hard Bounces (These e-mail addresses no longer exist or are incorrect);
  • Total Temporary Bounces (These e-mails were bounced temporarily and will be re-sent);
  • Total Generic Bounces (These e-mails were not delivered);
  • Bounce Rate (Total bounce rate (in percent)).

5) In ‘Unsubscribe Statistics' you can see how many people have cancelled their subscriptions.
6) In ‘Forwarding Statistics' you can see how many people have forwarded your emails.