Import SMS contacts: Adding SMS contacts

Last Updated: Mar 19 2013 10:56 am UTC

Firstly you have to add an SMS field to your contact list. You will need to create a new contact list for your mobile phone numbers or add a telephone number / SMS type field to an existing contact list in order to have a list that can then be used for SMS campaigns.

Mailigen marketing platform will detect SMS phone numbers only if it is added to the list using the "SMS" field type.

As Mailigen platform allows you to manage both email and SMS contacts in one list, you don’t have to create a new separate list just for SMS contacts. You can use existing contact list and just update it. After importing the phone numbers you will see them under SMS tab in the selected contact list.

There are three ways to add SMS field or change field type to SMS

№1. – Change existing list field type by editing list

Press "Save" after all changes are made.

№. 2. – Change field type while importing new contacts

№.3. – Change field type in the web sign-up form wizard

This option is also useful if you have phone numbers already in your contact list with a regular text field type. Or you can add new contacts once the SMS field type is created for the list.