Create SMS Campaign: Creating and sending SMS campaign (VIDEO)

Last Updated: Nov 09 2015 05:06 pm UTC


  • To create and send a new SMS, click “Send SMS” in the SMS section.
  • When creating a new SMS campaign, dialogue boxes of sending settings will appear. You will need to fill in the required fields.

Campaign Title

Enter the title of campaign to identify it in your SMS campaign list.

Sender ID

Choose one of the previously registered Sender IDs, this can be a simple mobile number or an alphanumeric Sender Name. Sender ID can be added in the contact information section “SMS sender”. Click here to add a sender ID.

List or Segment

Choose a list or a previously created segment, where SMS contacts are included.

Click here to create a new list!

Click here to create a new segment!

You can add new SMS contacts while creating SMS campaign. Choose a list and click “Add contacts”, a new tab (web-page) will open, where you will have to choose between one of three ways to add contacts.

  • After you have chosen the list, below you will see the information about how many phone numbers have been found and how many of them are incorrect.

When choosing the list with SMS contacts, you will have to wait until all information has been loaded and the contact numbers, including the wrong ones, show up.

Telephone numbers that do not contain a country code will also be detected as incorrect.

Viewing SMS contacts

  • By clicking “View contacts”, a new window will open, where you will see all SMS numbers. To add a country code to those numbers that are missing a country code, click in the checkbox. When all the numbers are marked, choose a country and click “Add code”.
  • Country code will be added to those contacts previously missing the code.
  • To edit one of the wrong numbers, click on the <!> symbol.
  • When a country code is added, click on the “close” link.

Campaign costs and available credits

  • Campaign costs will be shown after a list or a segment with SMS contacts is chosen.

  • If campaign costs are higher than available credits, you will be able only to save the campaign, but not to send it out. You have to have enough SMS credits to be able to send SMS campaigns.

  • If you’d like to learn more about SMS costs, you can read the SMS description “Purchasing and calculating SMS credits”.

Message text

  • You can save a message text as a template.
  • You can use a previously saved template* in the message body.

* When using a template, don`t forget to check the old content to make sure it’s correct.

  • In the message body, you can also add contact list merge tags.

For example: “Hello #[First name] # #[Last name]# ...”

Pay attention to the number of symbols when using merge tags.

NoteWhen using a link shortening option, a 19 symbol long link will be inserted in the message.

When inserting merge tags, you must take into consideration that the number of symbols in the merge tag can differ from the number of symbols in the real message. Therefore you should spare some free symbols when creating a text for a SMS campaign. For example, if you want to insert a person’s name in SMS, you will insert a merge tag #[FNAME]# in the message, but when the campaign has been sent out, each recipient will receive his or her name. The length of the name can be longer than the number of merge tag symbols.

  • You can also insert a link to previously created online survey by choosing it from the Survey merge tag drop down menu above the message text area.
Note: Autosave is available for SMS campaigns. The message's text is saved every 20 seconds.

Adding Trackable Links

You can add any website link to your SMS message, but as you know, website links can be very long and take too many symbols away from your SMS message. This also provides additional tracking for each of your SMS recipients.

  • To shorten a link and make it trackable, copy it in the link field and click “Add”.
  • To have the correct tracking results, each client will receive a modified and shortened link that will forward them to your internet address with a unique tracking code.

Make sure that the link is in the correct format and starts with following syntax “http://”

Google Analytics

You can also add Google Analytics tracking to your SMS campaigns. However, this works only if you include a website link in the SMS text that directs them to your website, where you have the Google Analytics code installed. You will be able to segment the traffic by the SMS campaign name afterwards. This is great feature to track SMS campaign ROI on your website.

  • In the Google Analytics field, enter the title of the campaign so you are able to recognize the people who visited your home page directly from the SMS campaign. This data will be shown in the Google Analytic statistics of your website.

Spliting SMS in several messages

  • Function "Split SMS" automatically splits the SMS text into several messages and enables to send larger SMS texts to recipients.

Unicode SMS

  • Unicode SMS is being used to create the content of SMS in a wide range of literary and sign languages.

  • By selecting “Unicode SMS”, SMS will be sent with mitigation and longitude marks. This is useful for foreign languages and special characters.

  • Remember, by choosing “Unicode SMS”, the number of available SMS symbols will decrease.

  • If you want to send an SMS campaign with longitude marks, just check “Unicode SMS” option.

If you’d like to learn more about Unicode SMS, read this article "Unicode SMS Message Support".

Remember that symbols “^{}\[~]|€” count as two values (2 SMS symbols).