Import SMS contacts: Importing SMS contacts (VIDEO)

Last Updated: May 14 2014 06:17 am UTC

There are three list formats you can use to import SMS database

1. SMS contacts only

Adding mainly SMS contacts is as easy as adding email contacts.

  • First, go to Add Contacts page and choose your SMS contact list from your desktop. Remember you can upload a list of contacts using .xls, .csv or .txt file format.
  • When adding contacts, check the "Add SMS contacts" option and then click "Continue".
  • The list can contain both - email contacts and SMS contacts only, but remember with this option selected contacts that don’t have telephone numbers will not be imported.

2. Email contacts mixed with SMS contacts

You can use single list to import email and SMS contacts, even though not every SMS contact has email next to it.

  • Choose the database you want to import. 

When importing this type of mixed contact list, the first two lines always need to include email addresses!

  • Choose option to update existing contact if you wish and press "Continue".
  • In the next step you will see that two contacts will not be imported and highlighted red because they don`t have email addresses next to them.
  • Confirm the contacts and press "Import".
  • As a result - three email contacts with two SMS contacts will be imported.
  • To add the 2 missing SMS contacts, go to the contact importing section and choose the same database, but before clicking “Continue” check the “Add SMS contacts” option.
  • In the field mapping step, confirm contacts and press “Import”.
  • After importing, an announcement will appear notifying you that two contacts have been added, but other three have not because they were already added the first time when email contacts were imported.

The above is an example just to show you hove a single list of email and SMS contacts can be imported together.

3. Email contacts with partial SMS information

This type of database example, which also includes SMS contacts, is imported just like the email database. Just remember this option requires you to have all contacts to have email address.

  • Choose one of the two standard ways to import contact list, then click import.
  • As a result, in this example, five email addresses and four SMS contacts will be imported.