Sender ID's and SMS credits: Purchasing and calculating SMS credits

Last Updated: Nov 12 2015 11:49 am UTC

To send an SMS campaign or to add SMS contacts, you must first purchase SMS credits.

The price for one SMS credit depends on the recipients operator and country.

Costs of sending SMS in credits

In the SMS cost section, you can calculate credit and SMS message costs for different countries. By using the country selection option, you can see credit costs only for operators of the selected country.

  • In the field “1 SMS costs (credits)”, you can see the necessary amount of credits to send 1 SMS.
  • In the field “Amount (credits)”, you can see the cost of credits for the entered number of SMS (in round figures).
  • In the field “Price per 1 SMS ($)” you can see the price per credit to send 1 SMS with the specified operator.
  • In the field “Amount ($)” you can see the total cost for the amount of SMS messages you entered.

For example, to send out 1000 SMS to registered numbers in USA, you will have to buy 1000 credits.

Price per 1 SMS will be 0.01 $ or 1 SMS credit.

Price per 1000 SMS will be 10 $ or 1000 credits.