Distribute Survey: Distribute Survey

Last Updated: Mar 27 2015 03:09 pm UTC

Before you send a survey, you have to activate it.

Once a survey has become active, you have a number of options:

  • Send postcard invitation

When you click this field, you'll be redirected to Email Campaign creating wizard.

Select a number of contacts, and press Next to be redirected to a page where you can edit your survey template.

The respondent will have to click the link to fill your survey.

By default, the link will be labeled, 'Take the survey', but you can change it, or create a new link. To do it, click the text, 'Take the survey', and click the hyperlink editor in the text editor (an infinity symbol). The following window will open:

The link address, in this case, is #[SURVEY:ID]#. To create a new link on text or images, select the text or image in the text editor, click the hyperlink editor once again, and the same window will appear. Simply paste #[SURVEY:ID]# in the Link URL, and press ‘Update'.

When you've finished editing the survey template, you have to enter the 'Campaign Title', which can simply be the topic of your survey.

In the Message subject field, you should enter the topic your respondents will see when they haven't opened the email yet.

In the Message From field, enter your name and surname or company name, which the client will see when he receives the campaign.

In the reply address field you should enter your email, to which the respondents will be able to reply.

Check the desired options:

Track HTML Clicks - this will allow you to see exactly which respondent has clicked through the links, and when.

Track opens - this field is quite important for the statistics, and should be left checked.

Track plain-text clicks - if this field is checked, all of the links in your email will be tracked.

When you've finished your work with the survey template, press 'Send'.

  • Email campaign invitation

If you choose this option, you will be redirected to the campaign creation tab. See 'Email campaign creation' for more information on Email campaign creation.

To add the survey to the Email campaign, you have to choose the survey you created in the Choose Design tab.

  • Close survey:
    This option will lock your survey for the time being, but if you want to activate and distribute it later, you'll have to copy it. It can be done in the survey front page.
  • Send test invitation:
    Pressing this will send a test survey to the email address of your profile.
  • Survey questions and properties:
    This option will land you back to the second step of the survey creation process, so you can edit your questions and answers once more.
  • Survey colors:
    This option will land you at the third step of the survey creation process.
  • My new survey:
    Here you can see the link of the survey. If you follow the link, you'll be able to see your new survey. You can also answer the questions, to which the results will be added anonymously. However, if you choose ‘Mailing list only' at the second step's Survey Options-> Survey available to, an anonymous user won't be able to take the survey.
  • Embed survey into your website:
    Below the text you can see the HTML code, which you can paste to insert the survey into your homepage.