Surveys: Survey Results

Last Updated: Mar 19 2013 04:54 am EDT

After sending a survey, you can view the report data by pressing ‘Survey Results' in the ‘All Surveys' tab.

Choose the survey you want to view, and a report window will appear:

Here you can see the individual statistics of the campaign: the creation date of the survey; when was it sent; how many respondents have answered; and so forth.

When you choose to view the individual statistics, the Respondent list and results window will pop up. Here you'll be able to choose which respondent answers you want to see (All, Registered, and Anonymous). To see the answers of a particular respondent, press view results at the particular respondent.

When you click on the letter itself, you can see how many users have received the survey, how many of them have completed it, how many answers there have been to each question, and the relevancy of answers in per cents.