API keys and authentification: Email Authentication

Last Updated: Mar 13 2013 09:01 am EDT

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Email authentication is needed to verify email sender identity and to confirm an email has been sent from the right source, which is listed as a sender.

“From: Company X [info=deliverability.com@mlgnsrv.com] on behalf of Company X [info@deliverability.com]”. When you use Mailigen to send an email campaign and your own email address has been validated, your recipients will receive your email address shown in the “From” line, not the Mailigen server domain.

You need to authenticate your email in order to authorize/approve the campaign to be sent from your email address with Mailigen server entries, which will be later identified by the receivers in Gmail, AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo and MSN.

All major Internet and email service providers (later- ISP) use email authentication data to protect themselves against spam.