Email Campaign Tracking: What is Click Tracking?

Last Updated: Aug 18 2016 11:08 am UTC

Click tracking captures statistics on links that are clicked within email campaigns, autoresponders, and SMS campaigns.

Mailigen calculates links accordingly:

  • Individual links that have been clicked—Mailigen captures clicks against all of the links in an email, autoresponder, or SMS campaign. Each link is treated as a unique entity within the campaign. If you have five links, Mailigen will increase this count by one the first time that a link is clicked until all links have been clicked.
  • Total Clicks—Mailigen keeps a running total of all links that are clicked. This includes the same link being clicked by the same person multiple times.
  • Total Unique Clicks—Mailigen tracks the total number of unique clicks. This means when a recipient clicks a link more than one time, only the first time is included in the count of unique clicks.
  • Most Popular—Mailigen tracks link popularity based on the total number of clicks

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