Working with lists: Editing your lists

Last Updated: Mar 13 2013 08:52 am EDT

You can edit your client lists any time you want!

To start, click on the name of the needed list in ‘My Contacts'. You can view individual client data here; you'll see that the clients are grouped into four categories: active; inactive; unsubscribed; and bounced.

You can also choose from additional options to edit your lists:

a) View all will let you see the list of all clients, no matter in which editing tab you currently work in.

b) By pressing ‘Add contacts', you'll be taken to a tab where you can add contacts.

c) Remove all contacts, as the name implies, will remove all contacts from the current list. So, in the ‘email addresses' field you have to enter emails you want to remove from your list, each in a separate line. Then press unsubscribe.

d) Change columns allows you to edit the column order.

e) In the additional fields tab you can add additional database fields that will help you during client segmentation.

1) Click on the name of the list; then choose additional fields.

2) Click on add a field and then choose the type of the field you want to add.
For example, if you want to know the client's age or place of residence, choose a ‘text' field and change its value to age or location. 

3) Specify whether or not the field will become a default (required) field. This is important as this field will be used when you create sign-up forms. For example, the user will be unable to register, if he doesn't fill in the field you marked as required.

4) The button add a field will always allow you to create new fields that have to have names; the names will be important during client segmentation.

5) When all the necessary fields are added, press Save.