Create and customize web signup forms: Managing Web Signup Forms

Last Updated: May 14 2014 03:19 am EDT

You can effectively attract new subscribers and expand your mailing list with the help of sign-up forms. Signup forms are fully automated if you use the service provided by MAILIGEN.

To make a new sign-up form, which will be linked to a list you specify, click ‘web signup forms' in the ‘My Contacts' tab, or select ‘sign-up form' near the list you want to control.


A window like this will appear when you select ‘Signup forms'.

1) Choose the list you want to use your new sign-up form with, and press ‘signup form'.

2) Enter the desired text (it will be visible in your homepage) in ‘Form Title'. Preferably use something informative, for example, ‘weekly newsletter'.

3) Add an informative text in the ‘Form Description' category. This text will remind your users where they subscribed to your list, so it should mention your homepage or products. For example, ‘News of' would be a good start.

4) Name the confirmation button (e.g. ‘Subscribe now!'), and mark the checkbox below if you want other users to see the amount of subscribers.

5) Apply the width of the form. The width can be changed according to its placement in the homepage. You can also change the color of every component of the form.

You can change the color of the following elements: border; form title; header; text; inner background; and outer background.

6) You can add ‘required' fields to a sign-up form when creating it. You can add every existing field, or choose the fields you want to be filled when a user registers. To do that, press ‘edit required fields'.

7) There are two ways which you can go from here:

  • Create a link to the form - you can place the link in your homepage; emails; etc.
  • Create an embed code which, not unlike those of YouTube, can be embedded within your homepage through HTML code.

If you choose to link the form, the client needs to click the link; it makes it more flexible as the link can even be posted in forums. If you choose to embed the code, however, you can easily import it into your homepage and external pages you have access to. Or, alternatively, you can opt to use both ways.

Once a user has filled in the sign-up form, he'll receive a confirmation letter with a confirmation link in it. If the user clicks this link, he'll be added to the list of active subscribers.

If the confirmation letter has been sent, but the client hasn't clicked the confirmation link, he'll be added to the list of inactive subscribers.

An example sign-up form:

IMPORTANT * Remember to save changes before logging out.