Segmentation: Segmentation (VIDEO)

Last Updated: Jan 28 2015 07:09 am UTC

Our fully-automated system was carefully planned so that you can thoroughly plan your marketing activities and have a huge database while at the same time having the opportunity to segment your clients via different criteria.


Example. If your contact list have filled in fiels like name, surname, age, e-mail, age, sex, etc, an example client could look like this: client John Doe is 34 years old, his e-mail address is:, he lives in Kansas City, Missouri, and was added to your contacts in 02.02.2002.

John Doe looks something like this in your contact list.
John Doe ' M ' ' 34 ' Kansas City, Missouri ' 02.02.2002.

You can filter your clients extensively: e.g. name starts with J, or ends with N; e-mail ends with; contains ‘Missouri'; et cetera.

If you filter clients by age, you can put these clients in segments by adding the rule: ''is greater than'', for example, 29 years, but ''is less than'', for example, 35 years. You can add such rules ad infinitum. You can edit the segment later on by pressing ''add members'' when you view the segment. You can also add or remove rules to automatically expand the segment.

You can add the created segment to your recipients in the Email campaign creation steps 2 and 5. You can also export the segment.