A/B Test Campaigns: A/B Campaign Wizard Step 2: Recipients

Last Updated: May 15 2020 08:19 am UTC

Step 2: Recipients

You can choose to select recipients from either one or more lists or one or more multiple-list segments.

To select recipients from a list:

Click on the checkbox of the list you wish to use. You can also expand a list to select segments created from that list.

To select recipients from multiple-list segments:

Click on the checkbox of the multiple-list segment that you wish to use.

Note: If the list or multiple-list segments you have selected do not have more than 1000 recipients (We recommend 1000 or more recipients to properly test an A/B campaign) a prompt will appear after clicking the Next Button. Click the Yes Button on this prompt to continue to the next step.

Click the Next Button to continue to step 3 which is covered in the support topic, A/B Test Campaign Step 3: Content

Note: A/B Recipients are selected randomly from the list(s) and segment(s) that you select during Step 2 of the A/B Campaign setup. Once a winner has been selected, our system can be configured to send the winning newsletter to the remaining recipients.

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