Survey Reports: Anonymous vs Registered Respondents

Last Updated: Jul 14 2020 08:45 am UTC

When checking survey results, you may notice that some of the respondents have an email associated with their responses while some stay anonymous. In both cases, you will be able to see the IP addresses used by respondents when completing the survey, but to avoid unnecessary confusion, you should make sure you are using the right settings before publishing the survey.

In survey reports you will be able to see all or choose between anonymous and registered responses:


You can choose if the survey will be available to all respondents or mailing list only and that is done in the Questions step:


Mailing list only

If you choose to share your survey with the mailing list only, no anonymous respondents will be able to complete the survey.

In this case, the information about who completed your survey is already in your mailing list and will be added automatically. For anyone using the universal survey link, the survey just won't be available.


All respondents

If you choose all respondents, you may see anonymous answers in your report.

You will see the respondents' email addresses (registered), if you send 

  • email campaign invitation (unique link for every recipient)

  • add survey's merge tag in your campaign (unique link for every recipient)


The respondents will be anonymous (no email address),

  • if you use universal survey link (same link for everyone completing the survey)

  • if your survey has a contact form added and the respondent isn't in your mailing list, it will show up as anonymous, but you will be able to distinguish them by checking their answers separately or in an exported report.



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