Working With Automation Series: Automation Blueprints

Last Updated: Nov 27 2018 11:00 am UTC

What is an automation blueprint? 

You can call the automation blueprints templates as it is a pre-prepared series of emails, that can be used as a starting point and changed according to your needs. 

In the automation section you will be able to choose from two options: 

  • Start a New Automation – make your own automation series from scratch 
  • Use a Template – use one of our pre-prepared automation blueprints 


We provide 3 templates: 

  • Welcome series 

Blueprint of automated welcome series for your customer onboarding process. 

  • Education series EN  

Blueprint of automated education series for teaching and training your customer 

  • Winback series EN 

Blueprint of automated Winback series to return your subscriber. Strategy goal is to get them interested in your letters again. 

You can also preview the series before choosing them by clicking on the "preview" button

After choosing the appropriate template for you will be prompted with a message to choose a list/segment: 

You will see the automation flow that you can configure as a regular automation from here. 


More about how to edit automation series: How do I Edit an Automation Series?

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