Email Automation Reports: Viewing Email Automation Reports

Last Updated: May 17 2020 03:31 pm UTC

Our platform includes powerful reports that provide detailed analytics for your automation series.

To view automation reports,

Click on Automation Reports from the Automation section. This will open the Automation Reports Window.

The Automation reports Window contains a list of all automation series that have been successfully activated.

You will see a thumbnail of the trigger that you have chosen for this automation. As well as the title of the automation series, when it was activated and ended, and the trigger — list/segment, field, date, campaign or automation.

You can sort the table by clicking on dropdowns on the right.

You can also export automation reports in batch by clicking on the Export Automation Reports button, where you will be able to select a date range, recipient count and sorting criteria.

Click on Export XLS button to download the report on your computer.


Individual Automation Report

You can access more detailed reports of emails in the automation series by choosing Reports from the Automation section dropdown. 

Note: You can also access these reports from Automations section, but only if the automation is activated or paused, draft automation won't have this section available just yet. Paused campaigns will open the workflow window, but you can switch to the report section by clicking on View full report link on the top right corner.

Then click on the automation series you are interested in. You will be redirected to a detailed automation report page.

On the right side, you can switch automation report you are viewing and export reports into a Microsoft Excel XLS file by clicking on the appropriate button.

Automation report provides a high-level overview of the automation series' details:

  • Completed — number of subscribers that have completed automation series

  • Are in the series — number of subscribers still in the series

  • Open Rate (%)—percentage of emails sent that were opened

  • Click Rate (%) —percentage of emails sent that were clicked

In the table below you will see the average results of all messages in the automation series.

  • Total Messages sent—the total number of emails or SMS sent

  • Subscribers Completed — number of subscribers that have completed automation series

  • Subscribers in the series — number of subscribers that are in the series

  • Total Bounces —  number of emails that bounced (i.e., were not delivered) in the series


  • Delivered — the number of delivered emails within the series

  • Open Rate (%)— percentage of emails sent that were opened

  • Click rate (%) — percentage of emails sent that were clicked

  • Unique click rate —  percentage of emails sent that only counts unique clicks

  • Abuse Complaints — the number of abuses in the series

  • Unsubscribes — the number of unsubscribers in the series

Scroll down and you will see Advanced statistics

The Advanced statistics will display all the messages that you have built in the series. You will be able to see a report of each message individually like messages sent, contacts in waiting status, opens and clicks. If you want to see a detailed report of a particular message in the series click on the title of that message. You will be redirected to the report of that message.

By clicking on each email you will be redirected to the detailed reports page of that email.

Note: You can also edit the current automation series by clicking on the Edit Workflow button.

Individual Campaign Delivery Report

By clicking on a certain step within your automation series, you will open the report of that particular campaign. Learn more about individual campaign reports in Viewing Email Campaign Reports.

You will also see a chart for the report and reports on specific devices and browsers that your subscribers use and also their geo-location.


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