Regular Email Campaigns: Campaign Display in Outlook

Last Updated: Feb 24 2020 04:08 pm UTC

Mailigen templates are designed to look great in every email provider’s inbox if prepared correctly. Every email client renders emails differently using their standards. Outlook renders HTML using Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word is meant for print design and attempts to render HTML like it would look in print preview, causing the display to look different from what you may have designed and tested.
Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when preparing campaigns for Outlook users. 

Note: For the best result in campaign display we suggest having one or several templates that you have tested and use as the base for any future campaigns

Background images

Background images are not supported in most Outlook versions. This is an issue with Outlook as well as many other email clients. Without altering the template code, there isn't a quick fix to force the background image in a custom-coded template to display.
If you are using a background image, we suggest also adding a background color. That way Outlook users will see the background color of your choice, while other email providers will show the chosen background image.

Rounded Corners

Border-radius property is not supported in Outlook, so buttons or images with rounded corners will look as rectangles for recipients who use Outlook unless you format the image before uploading it.

Animated GIFs

Newer versions of Outlook do not support animated GIFs and instead display just the first frame of the animation, so make sure the most important information is on that frame.

Links in Campaigns

In Outlook all the links in the email campaign turn to either blue or purple, with an underline. This means that even if you have chosen a different color for that link, it will still show up in default blue or purple.

Text Alignment

If you notice alignment issues in your text blocks when sent to an Outlook recipient, it might be due to unsaved changes. 

We suggest resaving the text block that needs changes or better yet adding a new text block and copying the content in the new block.

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