Regular Email Campaigns: Campaign Grouping

Last Updated: Jan 07 2020 09:48 am UTC

You can create groups of campaigns to organize and find necessary information faster.

To group your campaigns:

STEP 1 — Go to My Campaigns section and click on choose a group to show drop-down menu

Click on Add a new group

STEP 2 — Name the group,

STEP 3 — Choose a campaign that you want to add to a group and click on Add to a group under Actions

STEP 4 — Choose a group from the drop-down

Now you are able to filter out or exclude chosen groups. This also enables you to give custom access to chosen groups for sub-users. You can read more about custom sub-user access in What Are The Different Types Of Permissions? What Do They Stand For?

Note: Grouping function is also available for lists.

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