Regular Email Campaigns: Campaigns in Several Languages

Last Updated: May 13 2020 11:50 am UTC

When you do not have data about the preferred language of your audience, it can be useful to give the recipient to choose in which language to see the campaigns you send. If the campaign does not contain much information, you can split the campaign into two sections, but for more advanced campaigns an option to open the same campaign in a different language can be a great bonus giving the recipient more options.

Using Archive Link to Another campaign

The result of this is a regular campaign that includes a link to the same campaign in a different language. The archive link will be opened in a new browser tab.

Start by going to the campaigns section and create a regular campaign that you will send to your subscribers.

Once you're done, make a duplicate campaign, and change the content in the duplicate campaign to a different language.

Copy the archive link from the duplicate campaign.

Add the archive link in your main campaign. Make sure the meaning of this link is clear when you put it in your campaign, for example, EN; RU; LV.

Note: The duplicate campaign doesn't have to be sent, but the link won't work if the campaign is deleted.

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