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Last Updated: Aug 16 2020 06:25 pm UTC

Some of the contacts in your lists read and engage with your email campaigns more often than others and this can be measured in their activity.

What is the Engagement Rating?

Engagement ratings are a visual representation of how active your list subscribers are. The rating is measured in a number of stars — the more stars the more engaged the subscriber is.

Where Is the Engagement Rating Visible?

You can check the engagement rating of your subscribers if you go to the lists section and open the list you want to check. The engagement rating can be found on the right side of the data in your list. If you are unable to see it, just scroll to the right.

You can also see the rating in the subscriber's details right under the email address.

This information will also be available in any exported list files.

Benefits of Having Engagement Rating

There are several benefits of checking the engagement rating:

  • Ability to filter out the most loyal clients,
  • Having more precise data to use in re-subscribe and reactivation campaigns,
  • Having more precise data to warm up dedicated IPs,
  • Ability to set up better automation strategies for the most loyal clients,
  • An easier way to determine which contacts should be unsubscribed.

How is Engagement Rating measured?

No stars (no engagement)

Spam trap emails; subscribers who complain about spam; users who unsubscribe manually (through unsubscribe link or list-unsubscribe header); hard bounced emails; 5x bounced emails, unsubscribed/deleted by you.

1 star (bad engagement) 

Subscribers who were previously removed, but have now been added again or resubscribed; inactive emails or subscribers with a very low level of engagement.

2 stars (low engagement

New subscribers or users with a low level of engagement.

3 stars (medium engagement)

Subscribers who only occasionally open your emails or new subscribers who've started to engage with your emails.

4 stars (good engagement)

Subscribers with a very good level of engagement who often open/click your emails.

5 stars (high engagement)

Loyal subscribers who regularly open/click your emails.

How Do Engagement Ratings Change?

Engagement ratings are measured by the actions taken by your subscribers.

Engagement ratings increase when a subscriber opens your campaign or clicks one of its links. Engagement ratings decrease when campaigns you send aren't opened and links are not clicked. Double opt-in emails have a higher rating than single opt-in emails.

Engagement ratings in segmentation

You can also filter your clients' engagement ratings using our segmentation option.

Simply click the drop-down menu to set the filter you need and you'll be able to sort out your list just the way you want it to be.


Note: If you want to learn more about how segmentation works in general, feel free to check out our support article.

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