eCom Automation Templates: Customer Win-back Email Series

Last Updated: Oct 08 2019 05:58 am UTC

Customer win-back email series

A win-back email campaign is a series of targeted and personalized emails sent to lapsed customers. The goal of a win-back email is to get people to interact with your emails and call-to-actions again.

You can set up a win-back automation email series to send targeted, personalized emails to customers who have bought from you at least once, but who haven’t bought anything for a set time period. It’s usually a great idea to tempt them back with a special offer, discount code or free shipping.

If they make a purchase, they will exit the automation flow and won’t receive any further unnecessary emails.

For example, you might like to create a 3-email series that looks a little like this:

Email 1 - Trigger is last purchase date is greater than 120 days
Email 2 - Trigger is last purchase date is greater than 240 days
Email 3 - Trigger is last purchase date is greater than 360 days


  1. Create a new automation
  2. Set up the preferences for the automation. Learn more on how to do that here
  3. Click on the blue “Create automation” button on the bottom left
  4. The trigger is set up and you can continue creating your automation series as you would for regular automation. More information on how automation series here:

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