Steps to Create an Email Campaign: Email Campaign Wizard Step 5: Delivery

Last Updated: Jul 29 2020 08:08 am UTC

The final step of the Campaign Wizard  is divided into three main areas:


Campaign Preview

The Campaign Preview section, located on the left side, displays basic information about how the campaign will be sent out. Additionally to the Sender Name, Recipients, Subject line, it also shows:

  • Email Size — The size of an email is very important for your campaign to be successfully delivered. You can learn more about how email size affects delivery in our blog article How Does Email Size Affect Deliverability?

  • Spam score check — see how likely your email would land in a spam folder

  • Edit Social Card — customize the posts that can be shared on social media

Note: If you click on the image of the campaign, you will see the preview of how it will look in most web browsers.

Campaign Settings

The Campaign Settings, located on the right side of the screen, is divided into 3 main parts:

  • Campaign Settings—jump back to Step 1 to modify basic email campaign settings.

  • HTML Email—jump back to Step 4 to adjust contents of the HTML email or send a test e-mail

  • Plain text email—see how your plain text email looks like and make needed changes

Sending Time

The Sending Time Section enables you to specify when the campaign will start. Click the radio button to:

  • Send Now


  • Send later If you select this version, click on the Calendar Icon to specify a day and time. Click on the date to set a day and use the hours and minutes slider to adjust the time.

If you have selected to send now, click the Send Now button when finished.

Alternatively, if you have selected to send later, click the Schedule Sending button.

To set up your RSS campaign go to the 5th step and choose one of the options. You can either send the RSS campaign now or schedule it for later. And you can also send up daily/weekly RSS campaigns which will be sent out automatically.

You can also click the Save & Exit to save the campaign as a draft.

Note: We also have a Time Match function, which will deliver the email in a set time, for example, 11 AM. This means that all your readers, wherever they are in the world, will receive the email at 11 AM. Learn more about it here. 

  • Advanced settings

This opens an option to exclude subscribers from the list of receivers based on received campaigns in the set time period.

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