Regular Email Campaigns: Using Emojis In Campaigns

Last Updated: May 13 2020 02:07 pm UTC

If you want to add playfulness to your campaigns or emphasize a thought, you can add emojis to your campaign or subject line.

You can use emojis that are found outside of our platform. As an example, we can suggest EmojiCOPY

Adding Emojis to Subject Line

We offer a couple of simple emojis to add to your subject line.

You can also just go to EmojiCOPY copy your favorite emoji and just paste it in the subject line.

Adding Emojis in the Content

To add an emoji to your campaign content, you first have to have a text block. After copying the emoji from EmojiCOPY click on the edit icon of the block, click on the place where the emoji needs to be and paste it there. Note that you won't be able to do that with the right button of the mouse. Instead, you will have to use Ctrl + V (for Windows) or Cmd + V (for Mac).

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