Survey Reports: Exporting Survey Results

Last Updated: May 11 2020 05:43 pm UTC

Survey reports can be viewed in the Mailigen platform, however, sometimes you will need your data to be managed in a separate file, which is why exporting your survey results might be useful.

How To Export Your Survey Results

To export your survey results as XLS or PDF,

Click on the Survey Reports option from the Surveys menu. This will open the Survey Reports Window.

Click on the name of the survey to view the results.

Click on the PDF Export or XLS Export button. This will reveal the Export Survey Results Panel.


Before you can export any results, you need to specify filters:

  • Type of match—select how the filter should be applied. Either “Match Any Rule (OR condition)” or “Match All Rules (AND condition)”

  • Filter results—each filter is a composite of multiple elements:

    • The question—use the drop-down to select a question.

    • Answer event—the second drop-down indicates the status of the question:

      • Has selected an answer

      • Has not chosen an answer

      • Has answered this question

      • Has not responded to this question

      • Has left a comment

      • Not commented

    • Answer—depending upon the question type, a third dropdown may become available listing the answer options.

  • To add more filters, click the "+ Add one more filter". You can also remove filters by clicking on the X icon next to the filter you no longer want.

When you have finished building the filters, click the Export button.

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