List Management: Using Global Suppression List (GSL)

Last Updated: Aug 16 2020 06:16 pm UTC

The Global Suppression List (GSL) is a specific list of contacts in your Mailigen account, which contains emails that have used your unsubscribe form to 'unsubscribe from everything' and don't want to receive any further campaigns. It also contains any emails that you decide to add manually so they wouldn't receive any news from you.  

Why do I need it? 

GSL is an important addition to the whole process of reaching the right audience. Emails that are not interested in receiving messages from you are something you want to avoid as it can lead to spam complaints and damage your reputation as a sender. If a person unsubscribes from just one of your lists and isn't presented with an option to unsubscribe from all your lists (if there is more than one) there is a high chance your emails will be reported as an abuse/spam, which affects the deliverability of your campaigns. 

Some examples when emails should be added in GSL manually: 

  •  The user of the email address has made a complaint 
  •  The client suspects the email to be a spam trap 
  •  The email has been unsubscribed from another system (not Mailigen) 
  •  The email has been unsubscribed from several lists it has been a part of 
  • When you will attempt to import emails that are in your GSL to any of your lists, you will get a message that will remind you of the emails that won't be included. 

Activating GSL 

When enabling GSL you will provide your subscribers with an additional option to unsubscribe from all your lists and further mailings. You will also be able to add emails that shouldn't receive campaigns from you, manually. To do so, follow these steps: 

Find the Global Suppression List section under the Lists tab,

You will be able to find and manage contacts in your GSL as well as adding new ones to the list. 

Note: You can only remove manually added emails (status: suppressed by you) from this list. Emails that have unsubscribed from all the lists (status: unsubscribed) can be removed from GSL only if they subscribe again through double opt-in.

Click on Manage settings on the right-hand side, where you’ll be able to edit your GLS settings. 

  • Enable GSL Block options in unsubscribe form - When enabling GSL, it will automatically update your unsubscribe form and add an additional option to unsubscribe from all your lists (see an example below in Changes In Web Forms).
  • Add all unsubscribe emails from any contact list to GSL - If you enable this option, all contacts who unsubscribe from any of your lists will be automatically imported to GLS, meaning they won’t receive any further campaigns from you unless they subscribe again. 

Add new emails to the list. There are 4 ways to do that: 

  • Add one-by-one 
  • Import a file 
  • Paste from excel 
  • Add directly from the list in the settings of a contact. 

Changes in web forms 

When GSL is activated, your unsubscribe form will have an "Unsubscribe from everything" option added, which you'll be able to customize. 
See the “before” and “after” look of your unsubscribe form:

If you choose to enable Add all unsubscribe emails from any contact list to GSL the option Unsubscribe from everything in your unsubscribe forms will be deactivated.

Note: You won’t be able to enable both Add all unsubscribe emails from any contact list to GSL and Enable GSL Block options in unsubscribe form options at the same time. 
Learn more about Unsubscription form settings in How to Setup and Customize an Unsubscribe Form

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