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Last Updated: Nov 11 2020 05:56 pm UTC
Note: To use this feature, you will first have to connect your Google Analytics account to the link you want to track (blog, website, etc). You can learn how to do this in this video

With the Google Analytics tracking feature in Mailigen, you can track link info for links included in a campaign, to see when and how often the links in your campaigns are being clicked.

For additional information on how to track email campaigns in your Google Analytics account, you can check out this video.


Setting up your link tracking  

To get started, go to your campaigns list and select the campaign you want to track the links of.

Under Campaign Options, select Google Analytics tracking. You will be prompted to provide a title for your campaign so you know what to look for in your Google Analytics account. 

Once you save, you can go to manage the content of your campaign under the Content step. You can add a link anywhere in your campaign in the content editing step by clicking on the edit icon for any element in your campaign, and entering a link. 


Any opens to this link by your recipients will be tracked in Google Analytics. 


When a viewer clicks on the link, the link format will be as follows:


Viewing your links in Google Analytics 


In your Google Analytics account, you will see the relevant information on your tracked links under Acquisition > All Traffic >Channels . The fields will always be the following: 

  • The Source—  email+marketing+Mailigen
  • Medium— email 


If you click on ‘email, you will be taken to each of the links you are tracking in your campaigns. The campaigns will be called the title you created earlier. 



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