Email Campaign Reports: How Are Open and Click Reports Broken Down?

Last Updated: May 14 2020 01:41 pm UTC

Open and Link statistics are broken down into these types of details:

  • Chart timeframe
  • 24-hour performance
  • Top Clicks and Domains
  • Devices and Browsers
  • Geography
  • Detailed client list

For more information about Email Campaign reports, see the support topic Viewing Email Campaign Reports

Email Opens

Chart timeframe

You can choose to view statistic data for 24 hours or 7 days, or statistic of all days.

24-hour performance

You can see open rates in 24-hour performance.

Email Clicks

Top clicks and domains

Top clicks and domains will display the most popular links that have been clicked in the campaign. Also, it will display the top 5 domains that have clicked on the links the most.

Devices and Browsers

The Devices and Browsers graph shows which devices (i.e., desktop) and which browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Android. IOS, etc.) open or clicked on links.


The Geography report shows where in the world clicks or opens occurred. Learn more about it here. 

Detailed client list

The Email Report shows which subscribers opened the campaign or clicked on a link and includes the IP address (for email campaigns). You can also see the emails that have opened your email campaign more than one time. By clicking on "+", you will be able to see each time when email was opened. Use the sorting option to see all emails that have opened your campaign more than one time.

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