Dynamic and RSS Campaigns: How Do I Add RSS to my Newsletter?

Last Updated: May 14 2020 11:55 am UTC

You can add one or more RSS feeds (i.e., such as a list of news headlines) to your campaign. This is a great way to add a list of recent blog posts. RSS feeds can be added during Step 4 of the Email Campaign Wizard. For more information about this step, see the support topic, Campaign Wizard: Step 4: Content.

To add RSS feeds:

Open your campaign and navigate to Step 4: Content using the Campaign Wizard navigation bar.

Note: If you are using the drag-and-drop editor, you must first double-click on the block in which you wish to add the RSS feed, and then place your cursor where you want the content. If you are using the HTML editor, you can just place your cursor where you want to put the RSS content.

Click on the RSS Icon and drag it into the content. This will open the Add RSS Window.

Enter the URL to the RSS feed. For example, the RSS feed to Techcrunch (a popular technology blog) is http://feeds.feedburner.com/TechCrunch/

When you're done, click the Load RSS Feed Button. This will display the feed so that you can edit its properties.

  • Posts — use the drop-down to select the number of posts you want to display
  • Full content—check this box to include the full feed content (rather than just the headline).
  • Add URL—check this box to include the URL with each feed item. This enables users to click on the link and see the whole story.
  • Add Image—check this box to include the image with each feed item. You can select where to place the image (to the left or the right of the feed item) by clicking the appropriate radio button.
  • Style—click the appropriate radio button to specify the alignment of the RSS feed content.
  • Extra content — The displayed fields will depend on the RSS feed you use.
  • Insert all feeds—click this button to insert all of the feeds into the template. Alternatively, you can click the Insert into template link to add individual feeds.

To set up your RSS campaign go to the 5th step and choose one of the options. You can either send the RSS campaign now or schedule it for later. And you can also send up daily/weekly RSS campaigns which will be sent out automatically.

Note: Don't forget to activate your RSS campaign when everything is set up.

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