List Management: How do I Clear or Delete a List?

Last Updated: Aug 16 2020 06:05 pm UTC

Delete a List

Select the My Lists option from the List Menu. This will display all of your current lists.

To delete a list, simply click the Actions button on the right-hand side and choose delete

Note: If you have sent an email campaign to your list within the last 15 days or have an active subscription form attached to your list then the system will alert you that the list cannot be deleted. We have to give subscribers time to unsubscribe if they want to. Also, we need to collect statistical data about these subscribers. We strongly recommend you not to delete your lists.

Remove Subscribers From a List

Select the My Lists option from the List Menu. This will display all of your current lists.

Click on the list title. Then click on List Actions drop-down and select the Remove Subscribers option. This will open the Remove Subscribers Window.

The Remove Subscribers Window has three tabs—unsubscribe, delete all and delete individual. To unsubscribe contacts, enter their email addresses (one per line) and click the Unsubscribe button.

Note: If you unsubscribe members from a list you will not be able to add them again to the list. You will be able to add them (manually or import) to another list.

To remove all the subscribers from a list:

Click on the Delete All Tab then,

Click on the Remove All button.

To remove individual subscribers from a list:

Click on the Delete Individual Tab,

Enter email addresses (one per line),

Click on the Remove button.

Note: List cannot be deleted for 15 days if a campaign was sent to that list. The limitation is for statistics purposes and options for subscribers to unsubscribe.
Note: Deleting subscribers from a list removes them permanently. The subscriber will no longer be visible, and any information that was attached to the subscriber will be lost.

Using a segment to remove subscribers 

We recommend that users regularly unsubscribe subscribers that are inactive (i.e., haven't opened emails over a certain period). This can be accomplished quickly and easily through a segment.

Create a segment from one or more lists using an Activity Filter,

In the Activity Filter, select “not opened” and specify a date range,

Save the Segment.

Then, from the Segments window, select the segment by clicking the checkbox on the left-hand side of the table.

Finally, click on the unsubscribe icon at the top. This will unsubscribe all the subscribers from the lists included as part of the segment.

Removing a single subscriber

Click on the name of a list to display all the subscribers,

Click on a subscriber email to open their profile,

Click on the Unsubscribe link to remove them from the list.

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