Working With Automation Series: How Do I Create Automation Series Based On A Date?

Last Updated: May 15 2020 03:04 pm UTC

With our platform, you can create an automation series based on a date for events like Birthdays or license renewals, subscription expirations, etc.

Note: There has to be a field in the list with type date.

To create automation series:

Go to the automation series. Then you will be redirected to an automation builder where the first step is to choose a trigger. You need to choose “Based on a Date“ trigger. 

You have to choose the list/segment and the exact date field, that will be used.

Then you need to add the title of automation series, the rest of the fields will be auto-filled for you.

You can also choose on which days email should be sent out. Then click Create automation.

To start building click on the “+“ icon. You will see a small drop-down with conditions to add email or SMS. As soon as you pick one, let's say email, a left-hand side settings will appear. 

There you will be able to add a subject line, create content and add additional settings if needed. 

By clicking on the “+“ again you will see more options like IF, Random Split, and Endpoint. You can read about these conditions in our support article How To Use IF, Random Split, and Other Conditions?

Add more conditions if necessary and when everything is completed click Start Automation to activate automation series.

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