Distribute Survey: How Do I Distribute My Survey?

Last Updated: May 11 2020 05:21 pm UTC

When your survey is ready and activated, the next step is to get the responders to complete it.

Distributing the Survey

If you don't already have your survey open, you will need to open it for editing. For more information about editing a survey, see the support topic Edit a Survey.

Once your survey is opened, click on the Distribute option in the Survey Wizard Navigation. This will open the Survey Distribution Options Window.

The first step to distributing your survey is to Activate it. Click the Activate survey button to activate your survey.

 Once your survey is activated, there is a number of ways how you can distribute it:

Send email campaign invitation

Send the link to specific recipients

Embed the survey into a website

There are also additional survey actions you can take:

  • Deactivate survey—click on the switch to deactivate the survey

  • Preview survey — click to see how the survey looks

  • Change Design—click on the Design Survey step of the Survey Wizard to make modifications to your survey look and feel. For more information about designing a survey, see the support topic How Do I Design My Survey?

To send a postcard invitation,

Click on the Email campaign invitation button. This will enable you to select lists or segments to which you want to email the invitation.

Next, select lists or segments to which to send the postcard by clicking the appropriate checkboxes and click the Next button. This will open the Invitation Design Window.

Finally, you can specify the invitation campaign details:

  • Message Subject—set a subject line for the message (mandatory to continue to the next step)

  • Message From—enter the name from which the postcard message will be sent. This will default to the default sender's name.

  • Sender email — choose an email address from the list of verified sender names

  • Reply address—enter the reply email address for the postcard campaign. This will default to the default sender's name.

  • Options (at the bottom of the window) — specify the tracking, authentication and embedded images options

Click the Send button to send the invitation.

Note: This invitation will be tracked as an email campaign. 

Click the Return to survey at any time to cancel the campaign and return to the Survey Distribution Options Window.

You can send the survey link to specific recipients by copying it and emailing the link through an email, SMS or by posting on social media.

You can embed the survey into a website by selecting all the code in the Code Box and pasting it into your website code where you want the survey to appear.

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