Working With Automation Series: How do I Edit an Automation Series?

Last Updated: May 15 2020 01:36 pm UTC

To edit an automation:

Click on the Automation Menu. This will open the Email Automation Window.

Before you can edit your automation series, it must be in a paused or in a draft state.

A draft state will be indicated by a word Draft and a gray dot.

A paused state will be indicated by a word Inactive and a yellow dot.


To pause the automation series click on the Actions button and choose Edit Workflow. It will open a window with an option to pause the automation on the bottom right of the screen (blue button Pause automation)

Once the automation series is paused (or in draft mode), you are able to navigate to different steps of the Automation wizard. For more information about these different steps, see the support topic, How To Create an Automation Series You can switch different steps of your automation series by dragging it to the desired place. This will also enable the undo/redo option. 

You can also edit the delivery details. Click on the Starting trigger step in the workflow to open the Edit Automation window on the left side of the screen.


You can modify the following details for delivery of the automation:

  • Automation workflow title — this will be only visible to you

  • List/Segment — use the drop-down to select which list or segment to which the autoresponder applies

  • Sending Preferences — enter details to specify when the automation series should be sent

    • select weekdays when the automation will be sent

    • select time window when the automation will be sent

    • check, if you want the time to match recipients time zone

  • Enrollment limits — choose conditions for the enrollment

    • Enroll subscriber in the series only the first time they meet the start criteria

    • Re-enroll subscriber into the series every time they meet the start criteria

    • Re-enroll subscriber into the series if they meet the start criteria, but not if they have been enrolled in the last 1 day

  • Select a sender

  • Sender name

  • Reply Address

  • Tracking settings  (HTML email tracking options are enabled by default)

    • Personalize To field

    • Track plain-text clicks

    • Google Analytics tracking

    • Authenticate email campaigns

    • Send emails with embedded images

Note: You won't be able to change the starting trigger type once you have created an automation

More about tracking options: Email Campaign Wizard Step 1: Preferences 

Note: If you select “date” as the starting trigger, you will have an additional option to select the date event from a subsequent dropdown. This option will only be available if there is a field with type “date” in the list.

Click on the Save button to commit the changes and return to the Automation list.

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