My Profile Information: How Do I View My Past Invoices?

Last Updated: Feb 18 2021 09:55 pm UTC

We keep a detailed record of all your past invoices.

Accessing Your Invoices

Select the Invoices option from the Profile menu in the upper right corner. This will display your current and past invoices.

Each invoice that has been paid or is pending is displayed in the Invoices Table:

  • Date—the date the invoice was generated

  • Order ID—the unique Order ID for the invoice. You can click on the Order ID to view and/or print it. For more information about printing invoices, see the sub-topic below.

  • Description—a description of the invoice.

  • Amount—the amount of the invoice.

  • Paid—whether or not the invoice has been paid.

There are three activities that you can carry out on the invoices screen:

  • Turn automatic payments ON or OFF

  • View Invoices

  • Print Invoices

Payment Settings

If you are on a monthly payment plan (or have add-on services that are billed monthly) you can select to have your payments made automatically rather than remitting an invoice each month. To turn this setting ON or OFF, simply click the switch Autopayment above the list of invoices.

Note: If auto payments are not enabled for your account you won't see this option. If you use Paypal to pay for your Mailigen account, you will not be able to set up autopayments. Autopay can only be enabled if you are paying by credit card. 

Viewing Invoices

To view an invoice click on the link in the Order ID Column of the Invoices table. This will open a pop-up window where you can view the invoice details.

Printing Invoices

Once you have opened an invoice for viewing, you can click the Print Invoice button from the pop-up window to send it to your local printer.

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