List Management: How is Geolocation Determined?

Last Updated: Aug 16 2020 06:27 pm UTC

As you’ve probably already noticed, on your campaign reports, at the bottom of the page, there is an advanced Open statistic section, where you can find detailed information about your contacts geolocation. 

This information can also be found on the subscriber profile page.

 So how is it calculated? Let us explain. 

Geolocation estimates where your contacts are located based on their IP address or their unique ID number for tablet, phone or computer in the network.
We gather the geo-location data each time someone signs up for your list using Mailigens signup form and when they interact with your email campaign. 

You can also see extra information in the “Detailed client List” section:

If you feel like the geolocation data of your campaign report seems inaccurate, there might be several reasons why:

  • Your contact email service provider is using a proxy.
  • For example, if your contact list is using Gmail and they are actually located, for example, in Rome, Italy - their location might be recognized as Mountain View, California (since that’s the headquarters of Gmail).
  • Your contact is using a Virtual Private Network (VPN).
  • It redirects traffic through a remote server and hides a contact’s real location.
  • Your subscriber is forwarding your emails to people in other locations.
  • Once those recipients open, click or in any other way interact with the forwarded email, their IP address will be reflected in your contact. 
  • Your contact IP address is changing often. For example, they travel a lot. So the location reflected in your reports might not be as accurate. 

Basically, the more appealing your email campaign content will be - the more accurate the location of your subscribers will be reflected in your reports. 

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