Drag and Drop template editor: How To Add Social Media/Share Links? (VIDEO)

Last Updated: May 17 2020 04:25 pm UTC


The social media links enable you to add different social sharing icons to your newsletter. When clicked, these will open the appropriate social network where the user can share the link.

To add social media links to your email:

Open the email campaign to which you wish to add the link,

Click on Step 4: Content from the Email Campaign Wizard navigation bar,

If you are using the HTML editor, place the cursor in your email content where you wish to set the links and click the Add Social Media Links Button,

If you are using the drag and drop editor, click on the Social Media Links Block and drag it to your content, releasing the mouse where you want to place the links.

This will open the Add Social Sharing/Bookmarks Links Window.

  • Link—use the radio button to specify whether the link shared should be to the archive of the current newsletter or to a custom link

  • Text before—enter the text that will appear before all of the social sharing icons

  • Text font family—use the drop-down menu to specify the text family

  • Text font size—use the drop-down menu to select the font size (in pixels)

  • Text color—click on the color swatch to display the color picker where you can select a color or enter a hexadecimal value

  • Font style—use the drop-down menu to select the font style (normal or bold)

  • Text line height—use the drop-down to select a text line-height

  • Spacing—enter a value (in pixels) for spacing between the social sharing icons

  • Button size—click the radio button to select a size of icon

  • Button style—click the radio button to select the style of button to use

  • Social icons—click each icon that you wish to display. It will appear in the preview section at the bottom of the window.

When you're finished, click Add Buttons.

The result should look something like this:

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