Edit Subscriber Profile Information: How to Batch Update Your List

Last Updated: Sep 11 2020 10:44 am UTC

You can update subscriber details any time by opening their profile and making the necessary changes. But if you need to add a new value to several contacts, this might be time-consuming, so we suggest using a batch update instead.

Using Excel Sheets to Update Contacts

  • In order to batch update your contacts, start by exporting your current list.

  • Open the Excel file that has been downloaded and remove all columns except email address and the field/s you are planning to update.

  • Add the new values

  • Save the Excel file (make sure it is saved in .xls, not .xlsx format)

  • Go to your list and import the updated values in your list by choosing either Import a File or Paste from Excel function

  • Don't forget to tick Update existing subscriber details box

  • Make sure you assign the new values to the exact column you wanted to update. You will be able to change the title of this column later if needed.

The information is now updated

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