Create And Import Your List: How to Create a New List (VIDEO)

Last Updated: Dec 10 2018 01:37 pm UTC


To create a new list:

Select the My Lists option from the List Menu. This will display all of your current lists.

Next, click on the Create New List button. This will open the Create New List window.


To create a new list, simply fill out the appropriate information:

  • List Title (required)—the name of the list.
NOTE: The list title is simply a descriptive name. You can have multiple lists with the same name.
  • Public list title — you can choose a different list title that will be visible to your subscribers when they unsubscribe or update their profile information. If you don't enable this option, the subscribers will see the same list title you have chosen in the first step.
  • Subscription Permission Reminder (required)—the text that subscribers will see reminding them how they joined the list. 
NOTE:  The Permission Reminder can even be included in outbound emails using a merge tag. For more information about merge tags, see “What is a Permission Reminder and How Can I Change It?
  • Display this e-mail in other web forms

Check this option, if you want to give the subscribers an option to unsubscribe from several lists at once. When your email subscribers update their subscription, they will see this description under the Public list title. Detailed information can be found in the article about Global Supression List

  • Email notifications—check the appropriate boxes to be notified when subscribers join or leave the list.
NOTE: You can click the edit icon next to the email address to change the address to which notifications will be sent.

When you have finished specifying the appropriate information, click the Create button to create the new list.

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