eCom Automation Templates: How to Create an Order Notification

Last Updated: Oct 08 2019 05:46 am UTC
How to create an order notification series
You can use automation to send order notifications like receipts, shipping confirmations, and more. This is easy if you have connected your eCommerce platform to Mailigen account.


  1. Start by choosing or creating a custom field in your list that will trigger the automation when changed. 
    For example, when a purchase is made “last purchase date” value will be updated. This can be the trigger field for receipt notification.

  1. Create a new automation.
  2. Choose Field value is updated trigger
  3. Select a list from the drop-down menu, a date condition and “any value” (unless a specific date is needed)

  1. Set up the preferences for the automation. Learn more on how to do that here. (
  2. Click on the blue “Create automation” button on the bottom left.
  3. The trigger is set up and you can continue creating your automation series as you would for regular automation. Set up an email or SMS campaign that will be sent to the customer every time a new order is made.
    More information on automation series here:

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