Create And Import Your List: How to Edit Your List Fields

Last Updated: Oct 21 2019 02:16 pm UTC

To edit an existing list's fields:

Click on the section Lists. This will display all of your current lists.

Next, click on the list title and you will be redirected to the subscriber page. There on the right-hand side, you will see a drop-down called List Actions and from there choose Custom Fields.

There are several ways to modify the fields:

  • You can reorder the fields by dragging and dropping. Use the 3 line menu to drag each field up and down.

This affects the order that the fields that are shown when viewing subscribers for that list (see the topic “Subscriber Profile Page”).

  • Label — enter a new name for the field
  • Custom Field Type — click on "edit" option or on the existing type to select the new type of field. For more information about field types, see the support topic “List and Form Field Types.” 
Note: Selecting different field types will change the properties that are available. For example, choosing Checkbox or Dropdown will enable you to enter additional values.
  • Merge Tag — merge tags represent containers for field values in outbound emails. You can enter any name you want for the merge tag but the name has to be unique (you can't have two merge tags with the same name).
Note: Make sure the merge tag doesn't duplicate with any of the systems merge tags. Check the Full List of Merge Tags
  • Displayed/Visible in the list — check the box to indicate whether the field will be visible when viewing list subscribers.
  • Required Field — check the box to make the field mandatory to fill out.
  • Public/Visible to subscribers in preferences page — check the box to indicate whether the field should be visible to subscribers.

You can also edit a field by clicking on the Edit Icon

Note: You can only edit custom fields. The edit icon will not display for system fields like email and SMS.

  • Default Value — enter a default value that subscribers will see when entering information.

Click the button Save Changes when finished to commit the changes.

You can delete a field by clicking on the Delete Icon.

Finally, you can add a new custom field by clicking on the Add New Field Button. This process is exactly the same as editing an existing field.

When you have finished making all of your changes, click on the button Save changes & exit.

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