Drag and Drop template editor: How to Even the Height of Images

Last Updated: Jul 30 2019 06:45 pm UTC

When adding several columns of content, you may want to use images to make it more interesting. If you have saved images of different sizes, they might look uneven in the columns and you might consider making them the same size.

Saving Images in the Same Size

The images are automatically saved in the same width, but the proportions might differ. You can just choose a size proportion and apply it to all the images by following the steps below.

  • Open the image gallery and choose the image you want to resize
  • Click on Manage → Crop
  • Set the size of the image to the desired one
Note: The size needs to be the same or larger than the smallest image.
  • Save the image
  • Repeat the process for all the necessary images
  • Drag and drop the new images in your table

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