List Management: How to Export a List?

Last Updated: Aug 16 2020 06:11 pm UTC

To export a list go to the Lists section and select My Lists. Then click on the list title.

On the right-hand side, you will find an Export List button.

Click on the Export list button and file for export will be automatically downloaded in XLS format.

Note: If the list has more than 5000 contacts in it then a CSV file is sent to your main account email address (the one you have signed up with). In the email, you will see a link for export. Click on the link in the email and save the file.

What information is in the exported file?

  • Email address
  • Opt-in time
  • Opt-in IP
  • Opt-in source
  • Confirmation time
  • Confirmation IP
  • Last changed (date, time)
  • +any custom fields you have added
Note: If your list only contains SMS contacts, e-mail address and opt-in time/IP/source fields will be left blank, but it will have an additional SMS field.

How to convert a CSV file into Excel?

If your list contains special characters, your export may not display correctly in an Excel file. To see special characters in Excel, change the file extension from .csv to .txt, then open the file in a new, empty Excel file. To do that click on the folder icon on the left-hand side. When Excel prompts for the file type and character encoding, set encoding to UTF-8.

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