Regular Email Campaigns: How to Insert Anchors in Email Campaigns?

Last Updated: May 13 2020 11:18 am UTC

Anchors are designed to link two parts in your email campaign together. For example, if you have a long campaign, you can direct the newsletter readers from the top of the campaign to the bottom of it.

To insert an anchor in your email campaigns please follow these steps:

You have to start with the place you want readers to be directed to. Simply go to the needed text block and activate it. You can activate a block by double-clicking on it or click on the pencil icon,

Once activated, place the cursor or highlight a text where you would like to insert the anchor. After that just click on the anchor button and give the anchor a name, for example - anchor1

Note: If you are inserting multiple anchors then each anchor's name must be different

After the anchor has been placed, go to the place you want to direct from. Again activate the respective block (and/or highlight a text) and click on the link option. A pop-up window will appear and you'll have to enter the anchors' name with the "#" symbol in front of the name. For example, the link would be #anchor1. 

Note: The name of the anchor can not contain spaces. To separate words, you can use "-" or "_" symbols.

Once you've entered the anchors' name, click the Ok button.  

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