Custom Click Tracking Domains: How to Set Up Click Tracking Domains?

Last Updated: Apr 21 2020 08:59 am UTC

You can easily track clicks with your own domain. This feature allows you to hide references to our platform when recipients click on links in email campaigns.

For example, if your domain is "" then you could set up a tracking sub-domain such as "" or "". Once you've set up a sub-domain you will need to add the record CNAME to your DNS Server for your chosen sub-domain to point to our system.

Links, which look like this:

Afterward will look like this:

To set up your own domain to track links follow these steps:

Go to the Click Tracking Domains section,

Examples, for a sub-domain: or

The Sub-domain has to be created on your host panel. Then the CNAME entry has to be created for the sub-domain, whereas the DNS records have to be created for the main domain.

Then enter the sub-domain for tracking and click on the ''Add domain'' button.

After clicking on the button you will see Step 2 and the necessary records which you need to add in your host panel for the sub-domain that you previously created.

Here is a manual on how to add CNAME records.

When all records are added in your host panel click on the ''Verify Records'' button.

  • If everything is added correctly then you will see a success message, which will say that the domain is verified.
  • If there are any inaccuracies in either the record adding or verification you will see an error message. This means that you need to check the added values one more time.

You can check your CNAME records here. To check the type in the sub-domain.

You can check your domain TXT records here. To check type in the main domain.

Note: Make sure you update your main domain "" with the latest TXT Value to get a successful DNS verification, as the TXT Value changes every time you delete and add a sub-domain with 
the same name in your account e.g. "".
Note: If you want to use the same click tracking domain "" in another account, you will have to add an additional TXT record to your main domain 

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