Account and Email Verification: I Haven't Received an Activation Email

Last Updated: Apr 14 2020 06:39 pm UTC

You haven't received an activation email! We apologize for that. There are a number of reasons why you might not have received the activation email:

  • Spam—the email from our system was caught in your ISP or company's spam filter. Check your spam folder for the missing message. We also recommend adding our email addresses to your contacts so that future emails aren't inadvertently sent to the spam folder.

  • System fault—it's possible that there was a problem on our end. We recommend that you log into your account, navigate to your account profile, and resend the activation email (click on the blue and green circle).

  • Delay—there're no guarantees with sending an email. Sometimes delivery is nearly instantaneous. Other times, Internet congestion and other factors may cause a delay. We recommend waiting up to 10 minutes before requesting another activation email to be sent. The email may also be stuck in your email system. You should ask your system administrators or IT department if they can locate the email.

  • Stuck in the system—If you didn't receive an email within 10 minutes and it is not in your spam folder, check if you are using business domain email (not Gmail, Yahoo, etc.). If so then ask your system administrator to look for an email from us in the mail system. 

If you still cannot find an activation email please contact your account manager or our support team. 

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