Create And Customize Web Signup Forms: Image Manager For Signup Form

Last Updated: Aug 17 2020 01:46 pm UTC

The Image Manager is a powerful built-in tool that enables you to easily manage and insert images into your forms and emails.

To access the image manager:

Select the Web Signup Forms Option from the Lists menu. This will open the Form and Email Design Wizard,

Then, click one of the Add Image Links for the logo, header, footer, or background, or button. This will open the Image Manager.

The image manager enables you to quickly and easily manage images that you will use for different signup forms in our platform. The primary function is selecting an image by clicking on it. You can take additional image actions by ticking the checkbox at the bottom of each image.

This allows you to:

  • Insert the image

  • Delete the image

  • View the image

  • Edit the image

  • Rename the image

  • Download the image

  • Add the image to your favorites

Additional features include:

  • Upload a new image by clicking on the Upload Icon

  • Create a folder by clicking on the Create > Folder

  • Navigate through folders you have already created by clicking on the folder name

  • View images you have favorited by clicking on the Favorites link.

  • View the history of images you have used by clicking on the History link.

  • You can also choose to sort the list as Thumbnails (small versions of the pictures) or as a text list by selecting the option you wish to use

Editing an Image

Editing an image allows you to make changes to images that you have uploaded into the Image Manager. 

Note: You will only be able to edit the image itself using the Image Manager. When the image is added to the web form, you can't edit it anymore, unless you go back to the manager and make the necessary changes.


To edit the image open Image Manager, choose the image you want to edit by ticking the checkbox of the image.

Go to Manage > Edit

The editing feature provides the following functionality:

  • Resize—click the Resize option to resize your image. You can enter values in the Width and Height text boxes to specify an image height. Tick the Constrain Proportions checkbox to make the image size proportional between height and width (this will keep it from looking squashed). Finally, click the Apply button to commit the changes or the Reset button to cancel the resize.

  • Crop— use the resize handles (the small squares on the crop region) to size and place the crop area to fit exactly the part of the image that you want to crop to. Finally, click the Apply button to commit the changes or Reset button to cancel the crop area.

  • Flip/Rotate—click this option to flip the image either horizontally or vertically or to rotate the image 90, 180, or 270 degrees clockwise. Click the Apply button to commit the changes or the Cancel icon to cancel the flip.

  • Filters — you can change the brightness, contrast, exposure, etc. for the image

When you are finished making changes to the image, click the Save button to keep the changes or the Revert button to revert the image back to its original state. We suggest saving the image with a new title in case you want to keep the original just in case.

Note: You can also click the Close X in the upper right corner to disregard all changes and return to the Image Manager.

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