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Last Updated: Apr 15 2020 03:56 pm UTC

When your account expires it is shifted to inactive status and there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

The account is still accessible and you will see a message offering you to upgrade, however, you will be able to access a lot less than in a paid account.

What You Can Still Do

Although the core functions won't be available, these functions will still work:

  • Creating and editing new lists, segments, email or SMS campaigns, automation series;

  • Deleting contacts from the lists,

  • Exporting reports;

  • Adding contacts by using web forms;

Note: If you end up having more contacts than your subscription allows, you won't be able to send campaigns unless you reduce the number of contacts in your database or you upgrade to bigger another plan.
  • Sub-user access to other accounts.

What You Can't Do

The main functions that won't be available in an inactive account:

  • Adding new subscribers

  • Sending of email or SMS campaigns

  • Automations will stay active, but contacts will stay in the waiting status until a subscription plan or email credits are purchased.

  • Surveys won't be available.

After 6 months of inactivity, the account will be closed, but the data will be saved for 6 more months, so you can renew any time.

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