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Last Updated: Apr 12 2020 06:26 am UTC

List Hygiene is a process that includes you getting rid of your inactive subscribers. Basically, it’s a great way to say “goodbye” to contacts who don't seem interested in your story and say “hello” to make more space in your database for potentially more engaging subscribers. 

Why is it needed?

Let us explain.

  • You will avoid getting complaints about unwanted email

  • Your brand value will increase if you stop bombarding inactive users with your content

  • You’ll notice misspelled email addresses (what might be the reason for this contacts inactivity)

  • ISPs won’t block your sender email address if you’ll send campaigns to clients who are open to receive your newsletter

Where can you start?

You can start by creating a segment where you can include all the inactive contacts.  Here’s how you can do it:

First, create a segment of the lists from which you wish to remove inactive subscribers. For more information about how to create a segment, see the support topic How to Create a Segment

Second, select an Activity Filter and choose the option “not opened” and “date range”. This means you will filter out the contacts who have been inactive in the given time period even if they have been active before

Third, specify a time for the date range. We recommend “6 months” but you can choose whichever date range you want.​

Note: If you choose a date range of inactivity that is close to the current date, you might want to add an extra subscriber-based filter: date added → is before + date in order to avoid removing new subscribers who haven't had a chance to open any campaigns yet.

Finally, visit your segments by selecting the Segments option from the Contacts menu. Click on the checkbox on the left side of the segment to select all users and click on the Unsubscribe icon.

Also, we do offer database cleaning, you can learn more about it here: Database cleaning

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